Mystery Shoppers

Help banks, stores, restaurants and many others drive real improvement in areas such as product choices to select from, cleanliness and customer service. 

Help them become better for consumers like you to visit them when you become MTC Marketing Research Solutions' Mystery Shopper. 

Mystery shoppers are customer lens and provide unbiased reporting based on their experience on the various aspects of their shopping/visit just like real customers.   

Its Fun! It pays! And its free to sign up. 

What every mystery shopper must know

 Business management employ customer experience tests to keep in touch with what happens on the ground when staff interface with their customers. 

A mystery shopping program provides to a client an accurate and objective testimony regarding areas evaluated and, highlights areas that require improvement.

International research shows that customers cite staff knowledge and attitude as their key reason for repeat purchases. 

It also reports that the primary reason consumers give for feeling 'put off' from purchasing a company's product or service is how they were treated by employees ahead of price and quality. 

(Biz Community)

"The only way to know how customers see your business is to look at it through their eyes." Daniel R. Scroggin

      How To Excel As A Mystery Shopper 

Professionalism is the starting point!

Study materials sent out to you via email/login area.

Be committed to excellence and thoroughness.

Be sensitive to ethical issues. 

Always choose the ethical "high ground."

Meet your deadlines. 

Deliver completed reports in time 

Timely reports get paid and on time.

Have interest to continuously improve your skills.

Remain available to respond to questions about your report!

A mystery shopper assists managers to monitor quality of their products and services.

Mystery shopping technique is unique in that it provides the facets of service from the customer's perspective, which is highly beneficial to the organisation, as it will act on factual first hand information basis.

MTC Marketing Research Solutions mystery shopper programme is designed in line with international mystery shopping standards coupled by best practices around the globe.