Mystery Shopper Recruitment

Recruiting of mystery shoppers is continuous. Please apply for add to the team database to get invites to future evaluator assignments. 

The Recruiting Company

MTC Marketing Research Solutions is a traditional market research and opinion polling company that also focuses on customer experience management using Mystery Shopping. MTC Marketing Research Solutions uses mystery shopping to investigate the quality of service delivery for clients, to help enhance operational excellence, performance and employee development. We target different sector clients including those within the Finance, Retail or Hospitality/ Food & Beverage industry. Currently, we have openings for mystery shoppers across the UK. (Important to NOTE: across the UK means within the UK borders). 

Qualifications for the role

Required education is a minimum of Diploma/Certificate

Any of the following experience / qualifications will be useful:

• Customer Service Management: 1 year

• Retail Management: 1 year

• Sales: 1 year
• Training: 1 year
• Customer Relations: 1 year 

• Mystery shopper certification 

• Driving licence 

Additional Information

We encourage applications from those in retail management, training and teaching, professional sales and customer service jobs to en-roll. All your information will be kept confidential according to DPA guidelines. 

Mystery Shopper Job Description

MTC Marketing Research Solutions is looking for experienced mystery shoppers who are able to work independently as evaluators of service. 

Click on Mystery Shoppers Needed to Sign up to become a mystery shopper and register your CV by clicking on the Jobs picture.

Hours of Work

This position is part time to start, with the possibility of more work/higher pay commensurate upon job performance.

Pay rate

Pay depends on type of shops, volume of work in your area and upon experience and skill level.


• Shopper experience is preferred but not a requirement to apply.
• Must be detail oriented, observant, organized, trustworthy, patient and enthusiastic • Must posses real sense of urgency, be of high integrity, accuracy and timeliness.
• Have an understanding of meeting clients' deadlines.
• Skilled writing and effective communicator with strong communication skills.
• Must possess excellent grammar / spelling skills and good handwriting for narrative

• Must be open minded, friendly, self-motivated, and possesses excellent problem

solving skills.

Job Type: Part-time

This position is part time to start, with the possibility of more work/higher pay commensurate upon job performance. Pay depends upon experience and skill level. You will be hired as an Independent Contractor (IC).

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