Are customer facing employees carrying out the key performance indicators (KPIs) in place for service delivery? 

Why Mystery Shop? 

The unique benefits of Mystery shopping from the point of view of management is that the data will enable them to:

  1. Monitor employee compliance with procedures (Employee and Customer Service Standards).
  2. Assist management to monitor customer care initiatives.
  3. Get timely first hand information regarding service offered to customers when they visit your establishment.
  4. Develop reward systems for excelling employees.
  5. Follow up on employee training programs.
  6. Customer retention through improved service delivery.
  7. Increased sales through repeat business ignited by customer satisfaction.
  8. Get incisive and valuable information about the organizations' competitors, which will enable it to increase market share.
  9. Competitive assessments that will enable employees to make sound strategic decisions directly impacting on financial fruition.

The customer also benefits by virtue of experiencing improved service delivery, thus creating more business for the organization.

MTC Marketing Research Solutions professional mystery Shoppers will visit clients’ business location incognito, blending in with other customers, primarily for the purpose of monitoring and reporting on their perception of their service experience.

The Mystery Shopper will pay more attention to every detail of the visit, from cleanliness of the store to the friendliness of the employees, their sales ability and product knowledge.

The experience observed is documented immediately after leaving the establishment and then sent to our offices for checking, validating and reporting.

High Calibre, Quality Shoppers 

A Market Research Company is only as good as the teams conducting the research. We have a database of qualified mystery shoppers across the country. 

The Shoppers are of differing sophistry levels to suit client’s customer profiles. 

Practical benefits can be viewed from many different business angles such as; 

  • Price sensitivity, 
  • Value/usage, 
  • Future potential, 
  • Sophistication, and 
  • Time consciousness. 


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 Quality Assurance Guaranteed 

The Mystery Shopper report is compiled from the information provided by the mystery shoppers without making any additions but after clarification and validation of a wide range of scenarios. 

This is to make sure we report true observations that the shopper captured from the experience and not the transcriber’s or data capturer’s interpretation of the evaluation.

Reports are custom designed as we work with client side to produce customer service reports. 

Data summaries meet client unique requirements and reporting can be either monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, and Bi- annually depending on client needs and the size of the project . 

For Example 

If the client is within a sector like telecommunications; is the targeted audience for Data Gobblers, SMS junkies, and or stable communicators?

Therefore, we try complement the

Shopper’s profile as close as possible to the profiles of the desired client targeted market or customers.

Targeted audiences must be described in such a way that they are business practical as well as able to speak to varied internal stakeholders.