What does the job involve?

Businesses want to know if employees are:

  • Sufficiently trained for their jobs.
  • Maintaining business facilities. 
  • Cross selling to increase sales.
  • Following up on prospective.
  • Presenting themselves well.
  • Treating customers well.
  • Answering the phone properly.
  • Maintain proper business hours.
  • Keeping in compliance with any government regulations.
  • Getting referrals from customers.
  • Presenting the business and its products in best possible light.

What does it pay?
For this job, loving to shop is not enough! 
You are not exactly paid to shop but paid for the data that you collect.

The job is flexible but requires someone that is conscientious, observant, fair, outgoing, dependable, resourceful, a good writer and someone who can work under pressure and be able to meet deadlines.  

The amount of money you make, depends upon the number of shops you take on and the complexity of the shops. 

You can expect to earn from £5 to £150 + per shop report depending on the type of evaluation, the industry, the length of the report, and quality of the reports (complete and professional). Some assignments have reimbursements and these vary and are not part of the fee per shop. 

"You may pick the jobs that interest you and be an actor or actress for a day!"

Are you certified? 

If yes, we will require certification number to verify your status. This is important for your shopper profile. If you are not yet certified, the webinars will serve the education on how to eventually get certified. Some training will be available in our training portal.

"Mystery Shopping is acting. It affords you the opportunity to be the star of your own undercover production and, for a while, transports you to a secret place filled with intrigue and excitement." Sid, a male shopper in his 50's, Author - J.Rappold

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